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Beesub.org is the structure founded by freelance graphic designer & Art Director Stéphane Faure as a full service studYah! FUCK IT! THIS IS MY BLOG!

This is the place to follow my work, see my trials, errors and success through my creative journey. This is the place where I share my process and WIP. The place where I do my shit.

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A bit of my work on this Luc Besson movie

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It was a blast!

Back in 2015, I was lucky enough to be part of the incredible team working on Luc Besson movie "Valerian & the city of a thousand planets". I spent 6 months working on it as a Graphic Artist within the Art Department team and I was in charge of graphic design, 3D & 3D printing for several sets & props.

Beauty Shot_____

A bit of my work on the movie

My tasks included taking the initial 2d sketches from concept artists such as Ben Mauro or Marc Simonetti... and to translate it into 3D. I had to model lifesize sets & props in 3D for 3D printing. I did the Skyjet used in many sequences, the Hologram sleeve/box and the decals for it as well, the "cop" badge Valerian is holding, his gun, the main elements for the Trash Corridor and the entire set of Paradise Alley... and much more.