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Beesub.org is the structure founded by freelance graphic designer & Art Director Stéphane Faure as a full service studYah! FUCK IT! THIS IS MY BLOG!

This is the place to follow my work, see my trials, errors and success through my creative journey. This is the place where I share my process and WIP. The place where I do my shit.

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Zbrush little monster

image test


Zbrush Learning Process: one of my first monster.

Few years ago, I started to learn Zbrush. Following all the tutorials I could find on the web. After tons of trials and errors, not so great end results, I finally managed to complete this little monster. It's not totally my 1st one ever created in Zbrush, but one of the first I feel "ok" with. Learned a lot during this phase. Hard work pays...sometimes.

Beauty Shot_____

High Res. renders of "nekromantik"

"Nekromantik" was the 1st "ok" project in Zbrush. But also the first one where I tried polypaint and BPR to test compositing in photoshop. With a background of graphic design, the layout and compositing part of the project was an easier thing for me. More natural. I'll have to try new things and technique in the near future. Fun process.

Process Slide_____

A little breakdown, using dynamesh

"Nekromantik" started with a simple sphere in dynamesh mode. Roughly blocking out the shapes and main proportions. Slowly adding details. Then outside dynamesh, using sudivide method to finally add micro details, textures, skin folds and bump to make it more realistic. Hopefully I didn't fail too much with this?...