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Beesub.org is the structure founded by freelance graphic designer & Art Director Stéphane Faure as a full service studYah! FUCK IT! THIS IS MY BLOG!

This is the place to follow my work, see my trials, errors and success through my creative journey. This is the place where I share my process and WIP. The place where I do my shit.

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Inspector gadget_Making Of
The 3D Printing process

image test


3D Printing
Once the Zbrush file was complete...

I split the model into several parts and added some pegs/keys for easier later building process. The 80cm high model was sent to be 3D printed in HD stereolythography. The result was great but like always with 3D printing, it required a little bit of post work too...

Beauty Shot_____

3D printed model...

... right out of the machine, without any post work. The result looks smooth and clean. The shapes are respected and the overall aspect is just awesome. The 3D printing company did a beautiful work. Thanks again guys!


Now let's finish it...

3D printed pieces are always a bit tricky to finish. It looks smooth and clean, but as soon as you want to paint it, all the 3d printed layers/building marks, suddenly appear. There are many ways to get rid of this but for this model, I teamed up with my friend and sculptor Stéphane Barret. He did all the finishing, painting and post work on the Inspector, using sand papers and all sort of wizardry and magical tricks to complete the model. Perfect work my friend!